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This program is design to assist, promote the understanding of the methods of accounting and business related courses among secondary schools and other tertiary institutions students, with a clear motive of guiding them through their various forms of examinations. The ACADEMY provides the most competent and reliable tutors to help students in securing their brighter future.



Benevolent Financial Academy exists to make valued contributions to our clients educatinal needs. This will be achieved by attention to collaborative efforts and with confidence in providing services that exemplify the highest standards of quality, performance, and service. Having professional staff with imagination, knowledge and people skills are paramount in a successful implementation of these goals.

We look forward to a future that includes:

  • A deep respect for our clients as individuals,
  • A dedication to affordable quality and service,
  • A commitment to community responsibility.



To operate Benevolent Financial Academy as a successful tutoring center, in providing cost efficient, effective and competitive services for students attending commercial classes as well as small business owners. And also provide for the present and future needs of financial background in ways that are sensitive to people, use resources wisely that are in harmony with the environment.



Our aspirations and goals for Benevolent Financial Academy are primarily to provide excellent service and to develop meaningful relationships with our clients so that we can understand and meet their accounting needs.





VALUES STATEMENT (what is important to us)

  • We value a culture of accountability and people of integrity committed to doing the right thing.
  • We employ good business practices in our own department and encourage and assist members of our community in doing likewise.
  • We value input from those we serve, and recognize the importance of active listening, timely learning, and continuously improving.
  • We take personal ownership in helping find answers to questions and solutions to the problems of other financial academy personnel and departmental day to day activities.
  • We value employees who have initiative, insight, and an ability to understand the larger environment in which we work.
  • We value a keen spirit of teamwork and cooperation in helping fellow employees accomplish their assignments successfully.
  • We model respect and civility in our communications with others.

Target Students & Taught Courses

  1. Students preparing for WAEC/NECO/NABTEB/UTME/Post-UTME Examinations

Training is available in the following subjects:

  1. Element of Book Keeping & Principles of Accounting
  2. Economics
  3. Commerce
  1. Students Undergoing NCE, OND and HND

Training is available in the following subjects/Modules:

  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Auditing & Investigations
  3. Cost & Management Accounting
  4. Taxation
  1. Students Undergoing Degree in Financial Related Areas

Training is available in the following subjects/Modules:

  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Auditing & Investigations
  3. Cost & Management Accounting
  4. Taxation
  5. Corporate Financial Management
  6. Quantitative Techniques
  7. Profession and Business Ethics


Duration of Programmes

  1. Training for WAEC/NECO/NABTEB Examinations (4 Months)
  2. Training for UTME/post-UTME Examinations (4 Months)
  3. Training for NCE, OND & HND (each Module last 3 Months)
  4. Training for BSc (each Module last 3 Months)



  • Days: Friday, Saturday & Sundays Respectively
  • Time:
Lambar Waya 08030908664, 08056121224
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